zaterdag 3 april 2010

Asos magazine

This shoot of Kristin Cavalleri is in one word: AMAZING!

Everything is right about this shoot; the hair, the jewellery, the make-up and above all: the clothes!

I personally don't like Kristin Cavalleri, but her style is amazing.

Check out the amazing photo's below:

America, here I come!

Hey guys!
I'm truly sorry about the lack of updates, but I have some exciting news to share with you!

Floortje is going to America!!!!

I am soo excited about it.
I'm going to live in America for 5 months, and I'm leaving in August.
I'm going to follow high school when I'm there, and I will be living in a hostfamily, who will show me around :)
I decided to go to America because I didn't really know what to study next year, and I thought that some time off wouldn't be bad, because I had a really busy year!
As you can imagen there has to be a lot of things to get done before I leave, hence the lack of updates, but I'll promise to be a better blogger from now on :)
What do you guys think of my wild ideas?
Would you like to read about my preparations of going to America?
Love Floortje

Hello lover!

Ever since I saw this military jumpsuit on Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth, I was in love..
It's the perfect thing for this summer!
Especially with some lovely aviators
And till my big surprise, ASOS has a similar one!
Check out the pictures below.
Love Floortje

woensdag 17 maart 2010

Hey you bad-ass!

Chanel is going bad-ass!

Well, not totally, but these temporary tattoo's are pretty cool!

I know, I know, that's old news, but I really want to know what you think of them?

Would you wear them? Or do you think it's fake, and rather go for the real deal?

Let me know!

dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Low luv

Erin Wasson is always rocking some gorgeous bling, and I guess that's what the people of also thought!
Yes, Erin Wasson has her own jewellery-line!
The jewellery was debuted in the Alexander Wang show.
I'm a big fan of her collection, I think it really represents her style.
( My favourite is the ring! )
Do you like the collection?
Or do you think that she's just another model-turned-into-designer?
Let me know :)
Check out the collection below.
P.s. I also added a few Erin Wasson-wearing-jewellery-photo's too!


zondag 14 maart 2010


Todays outfit:
I kept it quite simple with the clothes, so I added some jewellery to the outfit to make it more interesting.
Today was nothing special, just studying and watching satc.
So I didn't really saw a reason to dress up.
What did you do today?
Were you also having a lazy sunday?


Blazer & Tee: Vero Moda.

Studded bracelets: Men at Work.

Rings: Six.

Other bracelet: Mango.

P.s. My nailpolish is from Herome and it's the colour: Dakar!

Go or no go.

I want to know how you think about this subject:
high heels on tall girls
I'm 1,76m. myself and I never wear high heels, except for prom.
I only like 10cm or higher heels, so that makes me 1,86m. or more.

Do you think it's a go or a no-go?