zondag 14 maart 2010

Go or no go.

I want to know how you think about this subject:
high heels on tall girls
I'm 1,76m. myself and I never wear high heels, except for prom.
I only like 10cm or higher heels, so that makes me 1,86m. or more.

Do you think it's a go or a no-go?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. hey, don't worry! it's ok.
    I'm 177 and wear 11-12 cm heels and i feel like a queen haha. You should be proud of your growth!

    kisses from Russia,

  2. A no go? No way! Your legs would looks even longer with heels! This is what many women will be jeaous of ;)

    And thank you for your hint and your lovely comment!

  3. why not? :)
    i´m 170cm and i love flat shoes an high heels. some girls would kill for your growth ;)
    wear high heels!

  4. Ofc a GO!
    I know a couple of tall girl who are literally afraid of wearing heels! I think there's no reason you shouldn't wear them, be proud of your growth! :)


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