donderdag 4 maart 2010

I wish I had...

So spring is just around the corner, and so is my spring/summer wardrobe!
Seeing the new collections, I can't wait much longer.
How nice would it be if I could wear my dresses again, without a pair of leggings of tights.
But where to begin?
I love so many things haha, but I can't buy it all
So I decided to make an wish-list..

  1. The perfect pair of denim shorts! I love the ones where you can see the pockets.

  2. A kaftan what I can wear over my bikini.

  3. A new pair of Havaianas. I can walk all summer long on Havaianas, there the best. I already have a pair of grey/metallic-ish. But í'm thinking of a pair black ones for this summer.

  4. A white/creamy boyfriend-blazer. I think that blazers are great to wear over a colorfull printed dress, and they are also very usefull in the evenings when it gets colder.

  5. A printed colorfull dress to wear with my yet-to-buy white boyfriend-blazer haha.

  6. Source:

    P.s. These are only the clothes that have high-priority. I could make a wish-list that is 10 times as long as this one if I wanted to show you everything that's on my mind.

So what is on your wishlist?

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